The Kelani Online 5 Bundle Experience

Kelani Online is an interactive platform between you and I aimed at facilitating the journey towards your personal healing and ultimate holistic health. I will be holding your hand as we travel on this healing journey together, to seek out the very best possible version of YOU so you can live a life of longevity, vitality and alofa!

A lifetime of eating disorders, dieting and body image issues led me down a path of education and extensive experience in the field of holistic nutrition. I am happy to say that I have overcome many of my disordered eating patterns and behaviors and I am eager to share my methods with you.

By joining the Kelani Community, you are taking a stand for your own personal well-being and having fun as you do it.  The Kelani Experience is intended to make you happier, healthier, whole, and complete.  Join our tribe and start spreading alofa today! 

- Ioan Aboumitri 


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