The 6-Week Cohort

KELANI won’t take away your problems, it will change the way you carry them”.

If there’s anything I’ve learned in life is that we all have trials, struggles and tribulations. Our KELANI cohort is here to help you to get to the best version of you to deal with this thing called LIFE!

One of the most profound pillars to vitality and longevity is community. It is proven that the happiest places in the world have the strongest sense of community. In Polynesia we have a deep and profound reverence for community, humanity, nature and our higher self. The Kelani Cohort in essence emulates this.

This communal concept is what our magical Kelani Cohort is all about.

In essence – this is our KELANI VILLAGE!

What can you expect?

The Kelani Online Experience is your online access to Kelani wherever you are on this beautiful planet, on your own time. Kelani is committed to your holistic wellness, and is for every-BODY. No previous dance, fitness, nutrition or meditation experience required.


Kelani, as a daily discipline, reduces stress, improves wellbeing and mental health, and ultimately improves your vitality and longevity.

This program is devoted to thriving as group, a village, by building connections, sharing positive energy and leaving a lasting impact on our planet.

What does this include?

1. All access to the Kelani Online 6-Week Bundle Experience

2. Daily Support in the Kelani Online Private Group – our KELANI VILLAGE

3. Access to weekly group calls for members all over the world.

4. Every week throughout the 6-Week Journey, we will be using the 4 Kelani Holistic Disciplines as a group. The disciplines include the following:

  • Kelani Moves (dance fitness)
  • Kelani Eats (nutrition)
  • Kelani Minds (mindfulness)
  • Kelani Thinks (guided meditation)

There will also be optional accountability in the form of homework, assignments and more (this is where my inner nerd gets excited).

What Do I Wear?

Find a comfortable space in your home, grab your sarong or workout attire, or most comfy clothes, and get ready to follow along at your own pace. And remember, sharing is caring! The more the merrier! Please open this invitation to our village to anyone and everyone so we can grow!

Big alofas,



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