The 1st Kelani Online Experience

Kelani Online is an interactive platform between you and I aimed at facilitating the journey towards your ultimate holistic health. I will be holding your hand as we travel on this journey together to seek out the very best possible version of YOU so you can live a life of longevity, vitality and alofa!

Through a combination of almost 20 years of experience, education, my personal battles with eating disorders, body image disorders and depression, as well as working with thousands of people, I was able to create the disciplines I am presenting within these Kelani Experience bundles.

By joining our global Kelani village, you are contributing not only to your own well being, but to those around you as well. The key to happiness is quite simply to do things that fill your soul, and that is exactly what the Kelani Experience offers!

This 1st Kelani Experience will be your introduction to the world of Kelani online!

Get ready to connect to your hips and your heart! Within this experience you will explore a wide variety of Holistic Kelani Disciplines that will get your hips moving and your smile beaming from cheek to cheek.

Each Experience Includes the Following Videos:

  • Kelani Moves (dance fitness)
  • Kelani Eats (nutrition)
  • Kelani Minds (mindfulness)
  • Kelani Thinks (meditation)

Find a comfortable space in your home, grab your sarong, workout attire and/ or comfy clothes and get ready to follow along at your own pace.


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