About Kelani

Kelani is a Polynesian inspired, healing, blissful, barefoot holistic program for every-BODY. 

The KELANI core mission is to spread alofa (love in Samoan) and healing.

The Four KELANI Elements

(1) Polynesian inspired hip shaking/ isolations
(2) KELANI Island Imagery
(3) Yoga and Pilates inspired dynamic poses with an island twist
(4) Breathing and Meditation

What do people say about KELANI?

‘I feel like I took a trip to Hawaii!’
‘It is like a therapy session’
‘I feel so relaxed’
‘It evoked feelings of happiness’
‘I didn’t think I would sweat that much!’
‘My legs are burning!’
‘I can move more freely’
‘It opened my heart’


KELANI is a safe, inclusive, accessible and sustainable practice for everyone, regardless of age, dance or fitness ability or body form. More than physical movement, it truly is a mind-body-spirit experience. Participants nourish every inch of their bodies, and are swept away on a tropical journey (cheapest vacation ever)!



So many people suffer from restless minds. Our brains spin and spin sometimes to a point where we cannot quiet them. KELANI – in its use of KELANI island imagery, shifts the attention away from the busy brain to a more serene setting. It is – in essence – a form of moving meditation and visualization.


Polynesian dance is both graceful and powerful. There is a profound intensity in utilizing the deepest core muscles to capture the hip isolations of the Polynesian inspired ‘hip action’. Combining these, with dynamic yoga and Pilates inspired poses makes this class intense from the inside out, with a very grounding element building strength in the entire body, primarily the core and legs.


The KELANI spirit is the spirit of alofa – a word meaning love in Samoa. This refers to love of ourselves, love of community, love of nature, love of animals. The KELANI program evokes love not only during the class, but via a personal connection with participants. It is something that carries on into our daily lives. This is essential in our vitality, longevity and overall health.


Each bundle grants you access to all 5 Kelani Online Experiences.  During each of these experiences you will explore a wide variety of Holistic Kelani Disciplines that will get your hips moving and your smile beaming from cheek to cheek. 

Each Video Includes:
Kelani Moves (dance fitness)
Kelani Eats (nutrition)
Kelani Minds (mindfulness) 
Kelani Thinks (meditation)

Find a comfortable space in your home, grab your sarong or workout attire, and get ready to follow along at your own pace. 


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